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"Event" update

posted Oct 1, 2010, 2:29 PM by Ric Lop   [ updated Dec 27, 2013, 10:08 AM by sf3forever ]
For those who need more clearification on the purpose of the Event page. Please read carefully.

This site was created by a person who loves pvp games most notably, SFIII. In an effort to enhance my/our skills, I was posed a challenge. Create an easy to find web site and post it on the internet for free. Thus sf3forever was born. Although available to the public, truthfully it is the collaboration and documentation of two fighters journey toward mastery. As noted in the announcements, these two enthusiasts found themselves in a predicament. Due to the complexity and many annoyances of common life there arose a need to better coordinate their battle sessions. Thus the Events page was born.

Again, although viewable by the public truthfully there are only three individuals scheduled to attend.

Perhaps some are being too literal. The word 'Event' does not indicate a mass gathering. It is as it was intended to be a way for us to make appointments with each other and avoid scheduling conflicts.