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SFxT Combo Video – Hugo is Awesome

posted Apr 6, 2012, 4:04 PM by Ric Lop   [ updated Dec 27, 2013, 10:08 AM by sf3forever ]

Kysg-Guc put together this combo video to show why so many people are using Hugo in Street Fighter X Tekken. Aside from his massive damage output, he has a simple backbreaker follow up to any tag, his EX clothesline keeps the enemy in place for a very long time allowing for tag cancel shenanigans, and he can easily rack up 500+ damage without using any meter at all. He’s great as a point or reserve character and he has synergy with many of the assumed to be “top tier” characters in the game.

Unfortunately, his big hit-box makes him extremely vulnerable to cross-ups and keep-away allowing him to be easily nickel and dimed out over the course of a match. Luckily, if you land one of these combos you’ll make up the damage difference quickly. Some of the combos are impractical, especially the Pandora ones, but nearly all of them do more than 500 damage whether they use meter or not. Notes on the combos performed can be found below.

-The Ogre combo starts at 01:49 needs a delayed [EX] Blazing Kick in order to hit CD+LK.
-The combo after HP+HK needs a trade hit to let Hugo continue with his Jump In d+HK
-In the Steve combo, starting at 02:20, the f+MP,LP can be canceled by holding b (getting Steve into flicker stance), and quickly cancel it with a d/b+LP….string.
-The last Hugo combo, starting with a HP needs a trade hit with Kazuya in order to land the rest of the combo.

Moribund Cadaver, "a spirit of social media justice from beyond the grave. god sent him."

The problem is that people say this game is boring to watch for the same reason the say SFIV is boring to watch. They're similar games at a certain level, even if SFxT is a bit faster paced.

People who get SFIV and play it seriously themselves find it very exciting to watch, and it's going to be no different here. But neither game is MAHVEL, or another very flashy game.

The reason why so many turn around and claim that in "the good old days" games were not boring to watch is nostalgia and hindsight. At this point, everybody actually understands what is going on in Super Turbo or 3rd Strike, so when two good players go at it, they can get excited about those games. It's not just random jumping around and sticking moves out (in the perception of the viewer).

Back in the day, it was the same old stuff. People said SFIII was stupid and boring to watch. People said Super Turbo was boring and stupid. People said CVS2 was boring and stupid. Notice a trend? People who don't understand (and don't care to understand) a slower, conservative game will find it boring and move on.

Which is actually fine, in and of itself. If you don't understand chess, or golf, or even something like baseball, you're not going to be excited by the subtleties and find it boring. Flashy, crowed pleasing sports are easier for casual viewers to enjoy. In fighting games, stuff like Marvel is the crowd pleaser.

The only mistake people make (and they make it in every venue, not just fighting games) is concluding that something they find boring to watch is actually bad. Thus, people who troll SFxT at the moment (or trolled SFIV) say "this is such a bad game, it is a fraud because it is boring for me to watch". Which is a silly line of reasoning, but people are silly.

No, I am not trying to flame you, joke character though I may be. I'm a good joke character! Like Dan!

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