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Svensson takes on SF3 Online Edition fan questions

posted Jun 20, 2011, 6:04 AM by Ric Lop   [ updated Dec 27, 2013, 10:08 AM by sf3forever ]

Posted by Catalyst on June 17, 2011 at 1:23 p.m.
 Capcom's Christian Svensson answered a TON of questions on the Unity Boards concerning the upcoming release of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition.Svensson takes on SF3 Online Edition fan questions

The posts are spread across many different subjects, ranging from the YouTube upload feature, to GGPO spectator lag. Lots of good stuff in here, hit the jump to see everything.



When will we hear more about the YouTube upload feature?

Svensson: The answer to that question gives away a bit more about how the YouTube functionality works than I'm willing to say right now.

I'm going to have to beg for patience. We'll give a full rundown closer to Comic-Con or EVO.

And to be clear, our YouTube functionality isn't something facilitated by the Xbox libraries. This is our own implementation. As such, Microsoft's recent YouTube announcement has no bearing on our timing.

Are the stages and the music from the first two games going to make it as free DLC? — Crazy-Legs

Svensson: Not discussing DLC until after launch.

The version of SFIII OE that was shown at E3, was that the final version, or is there still more work to be done?

Svensson: It's a release candidate. Can't say final until it's approved by Sony/MS in each territory. It's in submission now.

There are no plans to release sometime in PC?

Svensson: As stated previously above, no current plans for PC but we'll see. For a change, I have some concerns about a PC SKU on this one.

Is a PC release a technical limitation? — CLAMP

Svensson: [...] It's not a technical limitation. It's just additional work (read: cost/time/opportunity cost) and as I've said repeatedly, given how long people have been playing SF3 in a form on PC "for free" (in most cases, not legitimately), I'm not sure that's the best opportunity for us. That said, we're still considering it somewhere down the line. We'll see how it goes.

I've read about 8 room lobbies where you can spectate. Is it possible to disable spectators? Because on GGPO 3S when a lot of people start speccing it causes a lot lag spikes. — Alexander

Svensson: According to Derek (the producer) "You can’t disable spectators, but our game is not the PC version of GGPO, so I don’t think it matters. There shouldn’t be any way for a spectator to lag out a match in progress, no matter how poor his connection is."

Even though there are claims that this is the most 'arcade perfect' port made available to console to date, does that mean that the speed will run EXACTLY the same as the arcade board? — Vinny

Svensson: Per Derek again - "To the best of our ability to test the game, it is arcade perfect - including the game speed. We’ve brought in expert players to check it out, and compared to actual arcade cabinets. If there are any discrepancies from the arcade version, I don’t know of them."

To add some context we brought in "known" SF3 players from both North America and Japan to play and test the game with us. The few issues they had identified in that process have been addressed (none were speed related).

Your next question is inevitably "who did you bring in"? And the answer for that is that you'll have to wait and check the game's credits when it's out. Those guys are all still under NDA so they can't come forward but there's some big names on both sides of the Pacific involved.

Is the game going to have the arcade cabinet view from Final Fight: Double Impact? — Crazy-Legs

Svensson: Yes... but better. See [this video].

Will this game have a public test or online beta? — MasoDx

Svensson: Nope. No beta. The game is in submission (which is to say, very nearly done). If you'd like to wait for the game to be released until next year, we could talk about doing a beta to make you feel better, but I'd suspect that wouldn't go down very well with most folks who just want to play it ASAP.

Secondly, very few console games... and very few digital-only console games (I can think of only one, and we did it) have betas of any sort.

That is not a realistic expectation.

Will we be able to turn off the dynamic achievements that appear on the sides when playing the game in either normal or arcade cab view? — ShadowKnight28

Svensson: If you pick one of the two widescreen modes, they are not displayed.

Will the game feature revamped endings, like animated endings with voice over work? — Crazy-Legs

Svensson: No. I will remind you: this game costs $15.

Can we play Arcade Mode and at the same time be able to accept online challenges like in SF4?

Svensson: Unfortunately I don't believe we implemented this.

How can you offer this game for $15 going by the amount of time/money put into it? What kinda numbers are you planning to get for sales on this? — Vega

Svensson: It's a risk we felt was worth taking.

To be fair, we have good history with SSF2T HDR and MvC2 on the platforms in question (both of which are among the most successful titles on PSN/XBLA). So historically that has given us some confidence that we can reach an audience, though we do know SF3 is less popular than SF2 or MvC2, so we do have to be careful.

I know some of you have noticed we have a DLC menu item in the game. While we're selling it for $15 to hopefully attract a reasonably decent audience given the value it represents. We are hoping the DLC downstream will raise the ARPU (average revenue per user) on the title beyond that of what we've seen on other titles.

I think it's fair to say that there are few better values for $15 for games, but we are also hoping that people get engaged enough to get a little more content. Could we have put everything together and sold it for $30? Yeah... but by putting together a compelling base package and selling the other stuff a la carte, we've given folks a lower barrier to entry and lets them decide what additional pieces they find of value.

And to head off the next question... no, we won't be talking about specific DLC plans until after launch. 8)

Will custom soundtracks be enabled on the PS3? — Everyone's Friend

Svensson: Unfortunately, custom soundtracks are not supported.

Will the game feature a brand new intro? — Crazy-Legs

Svensson: Not really a new intro. It largely "builds" the main menu but the original intro is unlockable from the Vault.