ran a series about the positive effects video games can have on your life. In this article they covered the psychological benefits of fighting games by analyzing the game play of Diago. They also talk about the skills required to play fighting games such as pattern recognition, decision making, and patience.

"Whilst the actual fighting in fighting games is very exciting and serves to get the blood boiling, fighting games can very quickly be turned into a tool for relaxation by heading to the training room. Any fighting game player will instantly know what this is about, but for those readers who do not play fighting games themselves, the training room can best be thought of as a sandbox where players can try out new moves, tricks and combos on a dummy-opponent. Here, two key relaxation tools can be found. Firstly, there is the relaxation found in exploration as the player sets about trying out new moves and set-ups. Perhaps better than this however, is the ability to perform combos over and over again. Learning combos in fighting games is rather like learning basic piano tunes, and, as with piano playing, the rhythm and repetition of combos naturally serves to calm the mind."


-How playing fighting games improves your brain

-An overview of the thought-process of gameplay in fighting games.

-The positive benefits of fighting games on your life

-Examples of jobs that require the skills fighting games give you