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Update on 3SOE Patch

posted Oct 2, 2012, 4:18 PM by sf III forever   [ updated Dec 27, 2013, 10:08 AM by sf3forever ]

Here’s an update on the Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition patch we’ve been working on. Below is a list of things we have successfully addressed to this point. If something from the previous list isn’t here, it doesn’t mean we can’t/won’t/aren’t fixing it. It only means we haven’t fixed it yet, or we haven’t been able to reproduce the issue thus far.

We were able to successfully address the Netcode complaints. The Netcode is identical to what’s in MvCO, which has received a great response thus far.
Replaced Ping colors with numbers (in milliseconds).
We added matchmaking filters for Region, Opponent Skill, and Ping. This works like MvCO, where they are managed from a separate screen for all online game modes.
Lobbies can be created to limit players to the same region you are in.
Fixed the 8-max lobby problem on PS3.
Added ability to “Mute All” on PS3. 360 players can handle this through the Guide.
Super Art gauges are now the correct length.
Fixed the color of Urien’s reflector for Player 2.
Fixed Ryu’s bag not flopping over correctly.
Added ability to turn off Challenges that appear on the side of the screen.
The Difficulty setting now affects Arcade Mode.
Fixed the visual glitch in Remy’s stage with Scan Lines on.
Added some graphics to indicate player color during mirror matches. We didn’t end up altering the character portraits, but instead put some colored lines next to it. This ended up looking better, and still achieves the goal of showing which player is what color(s).
Added “Disable Stun” to training options.
Defaulted Gill to “Banned” in Player Match.
The selection highlight remembers the last super you selected in multi-match modes. It doesn’t auto-pick it, the cursor just starts off on the last-selected super.
Rank should no longer get reset to 0.
Put Ready/Unready on separate controller buttons in lobby.
Fixed the Poison color being incorrect for Player 2.
Fixed some random locks/hangs.
Made some changes to how the leaderboards get updated on PS3.
YouTube uploads on 360 will be at 360p now.

We still don’t have a date for when we will be done working on this update, let alone when it will go live. Look for another update down the line with more information on the other outstanding issues.