Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Two soundtracks of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike have been released. The first version was based on the original music from the arcade builds of 3rd Strike while the successor was an arranged version from the console releases. The soundtracks were composed by Hideki Okugawa with contributions by Canadian hip-hop rapper Infinite.

Original Japanese Soundtrack Cover
Original Japanese Soundtrack Cover
  • Alex & Ken's stage, "Jazzy NYC'99"
  • Necro & Twelve's stage, "Snowland"
  • Hugo's stage, "The Circuit"
  • Chun-Li's stage, "China Vox"
  • Ryu's stage, "Kobu"
  • Ibuki's stage, "Twilight"
  • Makoto's stage, "Spunky"
  • Akuma's stage, "Killing Moon"
  • Elena's stage, "Beat in my Head"
  • Sean & Oro's stage, "The Longshorehan"
  • Dudley's stage, "You Blow my Mind"
  • Yun & Yang's stage, "Crowded Street"
  • Remy's stage, "The Beep"
  • Q's theme, "Q"
  • Urien's stage, "Crazy Chili Dog"
  • Gill's stage, "Psych Out"


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