April 2010 the battle continoues! Who shall reign supreme?
4/27 10pm. Aggresive match until round three. You could tell that both were waiting for the right moment to fully comit.

4/27 I know my Akuma needs work, but Oro could use a ground combo.

1st match of the night 4-27-2010.  Good match all around.

4/27 Long match.  This took place around 9pm.  We were both a few beers in and no one wanted to take any changes.  Lots of poking at the end.

4/10 First match of the night.  Both sides testing the waters.
4/10 Hugo should play like this more often.  Super aggresive Hugo.
4/6 This is my favorite match so far.  My Urien was able to pull off alot of SA cancel juggles.
4/06 Good match lots of poking!